User Experience (UX)
August 31, 2017
Content Marketing
August 31, 2017

Search Engine Optimization or (SEO) is the activity to help search engines (A) find your website and (B) understand what topic it is about and (C) understand it’s authority on the topic.

If we take Google as the primary search engine to optimize for, these would be activities you should be looking into:

  1. Content optimization: creating outstanding, relevant content for your intended target audience. Tactics include creating content around relevant key words and refreshing and adding content regularly.
  2. Technical optimization: making sure that search engines can actually read your website and understand what it is about. Tactics include using clear URL structures, using relevant anchor texts for internal links and boosting your website performance (speed, etc). More recently, optimizing the user experience for mobile devices has become a very important factor as well.
  3. Link building: making sure that relevant, high authority external websites link to your website. Google interprets these links as signals of authority.

Important note: Google employs over 200 factors to determine the relevance and authority of a website. These factors and their weights change continuously. It makes know sense trying to “trick” Google. It can even result in severe ranking penalties by Google. Instead, focus on your target user and make sure their experience with your website is great.

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