Pricing on B2B Websites: do or don’t?

Your B2B Event and Digital Marketing: a Match made in Heaven
September 25, 2018

I say DO!

Maybe it’s a personal thing, but I don’t like it when I need to talk to a sales consultant to get a feel for the pricing involved. I only want to invest in such a conversation of I have received the signal that the pricing point of the product or service to be bought is realistic for me.

Granted some bespoke solutions need more context for a vendor to be able to quote a price, but then at least provide some insight into the pricing of non-bespoke solutions or quote some cases of bespoke solutions.

It’s actually hard to find data on this, but eMarketer provided some insight into what B2B companies are actually doing.

Almost 72% of B2B websites show pricing before a visitor needs to log-in. So, pricing of (at least part of the) propositions is available on a significant majority of websites.

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